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DOUANEDOCUMENT.NL has accees to Portbase’s Notification Import Documentation and Notification Export Documentation. With this application, all customs documents for Import and Export can easily be pre-notified at deepsea, shortsea and ferry terminals. Notification Import & Export Documentation is a crucial part of the Dutch chain solution in order to be able to transport loads quickly to and from the United Kingdom after the BREXIT.

Notification Import Documentation



  • Pass all document numbers for the removal of cargo to deepsea, shortsea and ferry terminals via one entrance
  • Return message provides assurance that your report has been received
  • In most cases, no paper documents are required at the terminal
  • In most cases, no customs stop when leaving the terminal
  • Shorten your handling process at the terminal

Notification Export Documentation



  • Automatic deregistration of ECS and NCTS documents (at terminals with an Authorised Consignee permit)
  • Paperless transport and delivery to terminals; both for cargo within the Netherlands and from Germany
  • Fast and correct terminal handling
  • Track your shipments in real-time: from arrival at the terminal to departure for sea
  • Fast and watertight processing of export declarations, no VAT problems afterwards
  • Alternative proof Confirmation of Exit

5 basic data are sufficient

Five basic data suffice for pre-notifying customs documents at terminals via Notification Export Documentation:

Booking number

(return reference)

Transport identification

(container, trailer)


(Movement Reference

Document type

(EX, T1, T2, ICT)

Gross weight

(shipment kg)

Mandatory pre-notification via Portbase

After Brexit, pre-notification of customs documents at all ferry terminals via Notification Import & Export Documentation is mandatory! This also applies to the majority of the shortsea terminals. The service has been in use for some time at most deepsea container terminals.

Make clear agreements with chain partners who will submit the pre-notifications!
Without pre-notification, the carrier will not be able to access the terminal and the cargo will not be able to continue, which may result in additional waiting times and costs!

Carrier note: you can also register with us for the service Notification Import & Export Documentation.
You can then offer the pre-notification of the export documents as an extra service for your customers (and in case of emergency).
In the case of groupage shipments, it is usually the carrier who takes care of the pre-notification of export documents.

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