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Customs documents

If you are going to import from or export to a country outside the European Union (EU), you must declare the goods to Customs. Many different customs documents are required for this, such as import- ,  export- , en origin documents. The other documents / certificates depend on the country of destination / origin and the type of product. Moreover, it is sometimes quite complicated and time-consuming to obtain the correct customs documents.

DOUANEDOCUMENT.NL acts as a Customs Clearance Agent with authorised Customs software for a fast and correct procedure of customs formalities. Thanks to our many years of experience, we can always provide our customers with the right advice.

If you have any questions regarding import, export and the associated customs documents, please feel free to contact us.



When importing goods from a country outside the European Union (EU), the goods must be placed under a customs procedure by means of an electronic customs declaration in Customs Declarations Management System DMS (previously AGS) at Customs. This usually refers to the completion of the customs formalities for placement under the procedure: release for free circulation (Import > IM4), whereby you will have to deal with the application of statutory duties, such as customs duties and VAT.


To export goods from the Netherlands and/or the European Union (EU), an export document (EX-A) is required. We use the Customs Declarations Management System DMS (previously AGS) for this. This electronic system is mandatory for exports throughout the EU, so that Customs has a better understanding of which goods leave the EU. The advantage here is that we can file the declaration at any location in the Netherlands. This guarantees quick handling and transport can take place as quickly as possible.


Documents of origin are required upon import into the country of destination for various reasons. Often when countries have introduced trade measures with the aim of stimulating their markets (discount or exemption on import duties) or, conversely, shielding them (additional levies or product-specific measures). In these trade measures, the origin of the goods plays an important role.

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Interim services

Is your export process perfectly organised and do you have a complete overview and control? We help you take a close look at your export department and make the best possible adjustments for you. With our interim services, we are literally part of your company. Together we ensure that your business operations are optimally supported, from strategy to implementation.

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