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AEO license

Douanedocument.nl recently achieved Authorised Economic Operator status and received the AEO license from Dutch Customs.

AEO Authorised Economic Operator

The AEO concept is based on the ‘Customs-to-Business partnership’ developed by the World Customs Organisation. The basic principle is that companies and Customs work closely together. Their common goal is to increase the security of the international logistics chain. Customs also wants to better facilitate legal trade flows with AEO.

For companies in international trade, the AEO license is increasingly a necessary license. In addition, the AEO license is becoming increasingly important as quality marks with which companies demonstrate that they are part of a safe international logistics chain.

AEO vergunning

2 types of AEO statuses

  • AEO status for customs simplification (AEOC)
  • AEO status for security and safety (AEOS)

In the EU, the AEO concept has existed since 2008. Since the introduction of the Union Customs Code (UCC) in 2016, there are 2 AEO licenses. You can also combine them and apply for both permits. The AEO permits are valid in all EU member states.

Advantages of an AEO permit

Important advantages of an AEO permit are, for example, fewer checks and priority if your shipment has been selected for inspection. The benefits differ per permit. Because we have the AEO customs simplifications permit, it offers you the following benefits:


  • fewer physical checks and document checks
  • priority at inspections if your company has been selected for this
  • on request, an inspection can take place at a specific location
  • easier access to customs simplifications
  • notification of customs controls for advance declarations

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